?How To Live Your Future?
?The greatest enemy of your progress is your last success.
?The past is Danger forget it. It has nothing to do with your future.
? It i impossible to succeed until your future become more important than your past.
? What you did is not important than what you have to do. It doesn’t matter if you did wrong or right.
? God hate to see you fail. Forget about your last failure and focus in your future.
? Decide to do something different and you will become different. Do Something different from your past and your future will become different.
? God doesn’t care what you done if you’re ready to do what he wants you to do. Even if you kill many people if you are ready to change.  God doesn’t care about your past.
? Don’t allow your past to hold you back.
?Every successful person failed on something. Don’t afraid to fail.
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Andika Maoni Yako Hapa

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